Are you looking to rent a Stage, Runway or Choir Riser? Are you preparing to present a large concert or conference? For your next event in New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas. Total Events proudly offers the best industrial-strength stage rental decks and platforms made by a popular stage manufacturing company, STEELDECK©.  Briefly, a STEELDECK© stage deck has no moving parts.  Each deck is comprised of a tough zinc-plated steel frame, with a 3/4-inch wood top.  Each deck is frequently repainted (flat black), to give our stages that ultra-professional appearance.  STEELDECK©  stage decks are so solid, that we can use them auto trade shows, driving the vehicle up a special ramp made for just that purpose.  Each STEELDECK© deck can support 125-pounds per square-foot (4000-pounds per 4x8 deck).

      You can rent stage as small as 4x2, to as large as necessary.  A stage can be as low to the ground as 7-INCHES, or as high as 8-FEET.  We can setup our mobile rental stages on soft or uneven surfaces (e.g., grass, dirt, sand, pools, ponds, etc.).